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Anti-Teleology - Dominique Malaquais

Airport Theatre, African Villain - Martin Kimani

The Car Doctors of Maamobi - Manu Herbstein

Pilgrimages - Intro

Pilgrimages: Jambo - Victor LaValle

Hargeisa Snapshots - Doreen Baingana

Kin La Belle: In the Clear Light of Song and Silence - Yvonne Owuor

Obstacles - Anna Kostreva

Tracks - MADEYOULOOK/Santu Mofokeng

‘Here I Am Nobody’: Rethinking Urban Governance, Sovereignty and Power - Caroline Kihato

Anti-Iconic: The Photography of David Adjaye - Sean O’ Toole in conversation with David Adjaye

Las Vegas: The Last African City - Chris Abani

Oil City: Petro-landscapes and Sustainable Futures - Michael Watts/Ed Kashi

Beira Through The Looking Glass - Sean Christie

Avalon in Two Monuments - Khulile Nxumalo

Avalon - Nicole Turner

The Psychogeography of Loose Associations - Sherif El-Azma

Tailor - Jonny Steinberg

Adrift and Exposed - Iain Chambers/Isaac Julien

Mining Sounds - Emeka Ogboh

Every Day is for The Thief: An Excerpt - Teju Cole

Harare North: An Excerpt - Brian Chikwava

Towards a Politics of Mobility - Tim Cresswell

Straight, No Chaser - Nick Mwaluko

Ground/Overground/Underground - Mowoso

Yeoville Studio: Negotiating the Line Between Research and Activism - Claire Benit-Gbaffou

Spinning Translocal - Jenny Mbaye


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Lagos: A Pilgrimage in Notations - Chris Abani

Of Tamarind & Cosmopolitanism - Nuruddin Farah

Dagga - Rustum Kozain

Urbanism beyond Architecture - Vyjayanthi Rao, in conversation with Filip de Boeck & Abdou Maliq Simone

Sape Project: 2006 - 2009 - Jean-Christophe Lanquetin

Johannesburg - Jyoti Mistry

Ibadan, Soutin and the Puzzle of Bower's Tower - Akin Adesokan

Three Poems - Gabeba Baderoon

Closer Than This - Karen Press

The Book of Chameleons - José Eduardo Agualusa

Three Women, She is Alone / Survival of the stars / 2AM transit in Addis - Allan Kolski Horwitz

The Devil's Comma - James Yuma

Terror and the City - Ashraf Jamal

Blood Money: A Douala Chronicle - Dominique Malaquais

Quel Est L'Endroit Idéal? - Christian Hanussek and Salifou Lindou

The Colour of the Night - Achal Prabhala

Blood Money - Valentine Cascarino

Koltan Kills Kids - --

"No Grave Cannot Hold My Body Down" - Annie Paul

Angels in Winter - Teju Cole

Of Goats and Great Hope - Fiona Moola

Rhythms of a Road, Voices of an Ethnographer - Vanessa Ulia Dantas e Sá

Vocabularies of the Visceral and Expressions of Multiple Practices - Hobbs/Neustetter

Planning for Chaos - Ismail Farouk

D.I.Y. - Lesley Naa Norle Lokko

Lagos Underground - Jeremy Weate



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